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Time is pressing, ASP or ASP .NET hosting? 
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ASP Web Hosting

What is ASP Web Hosting or Active Server Pages Web Host?
What is ASP.NET? Backgrounds Processing
Benefits of ASP Hosting
Advantage of ASP Webhosting
Learning ASP Quick!
Choosing the Right ASP Web Hosting Provider Companies

ASP Web Hosting Reviews Explained
ASP Web Hosting

ASP stands for Active Server Pages (ASP), and has been arguably the leading choice for Web Developers building dynamic Websites on Windows Web Servers.

ASP has gained popularity by offering the simplicity of flexible scripting via several languages.

That, combined with the fact that it's built into every Microsoft Windows-based Web Server, has made ASP a difficult act to follow.

So what exactly is ASP Web Hosting? In essence meaning, this type of web hosting provides a company or a website owner with the ability to create a customized web solution using the ASP technology.

The good thing about this type of web hosting is that the service is stable, the performance is high-powered and you can run your ASP or ASP.Net applications quickly, easily and hassle-free.

Fortunately for those who require this type of web hosting services, the prices for ASP hosting has gone down so you can take advantage of the technology without paying an arm and a leg for the service.

When looking for an ASP web hosting provider, make sure that they have a solid server which is optimally configured so that the best performance can be delivered.

What is ASP.NET? Backgrounds Processing

ASP.NET is a server-side technology for developing Web applications based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Let's break that jargon-filled sentence down.

ASP.NET is server-side, that is, it runs on the Web server. Most Web designers start by learning client-side technologies like HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

When a Web Browser requests a Web Page Created with client-side technologies, the Web server simply grabs the files that the browser (the client) requests and sends them down the line.

The client is entirely responsible for reading the code in the files and interpreting it to display the page on the screen.

Server-side technologies, like ASP.NET are different. Instead of being interpreted by the client, server-side code for example, the code in an ASP.NET page, is interpreted by the Web Server.

In the case of ASP.NET, the code in the page is read by the server and used dynamically to generate standard HTML/JavaScript/CSS that is then sent to the browser.

As all prcessing of ASP.NET code occurs on the servers, it's called a server-side technology. The user (client) only sees the HTML, JavaScript and CSS within the browser.

The server and server-side technology is entirely responsible for processing the dynamic portions of the page.

ASP Web Hosting Facts, Plans, Tips & Advice

What is ASP Web Hosting? - Active Server Pages, or ASP is the first server-side script engine hosted by Microsoft Windows.

It used to be marketed as an add-on to the Windows NT 4.0 pack but today, it is already included as a free Windows Server component, making it easier for hosting providers to offer ASP hosting packages.

Benefits of ASP Hosting - The benefit of ASP or Active Server Pages web hosting is that it allows a website owner to create their own customized web solution.

As a result, it provides flexibility to the site and gives an administrator the freedom to tinker with the web pages more.

Advantage of ASP Webhosting - When you take advantage of ASP web hosting, you will get great looking web pages. This is because of the type of technology being used, which creates the best and most dynamic web pages which you can use to entice and welcome visitors to your site.

Learning ASP Quick! - Active Server Pages or ASP is it easy to learn? The answer is Definitely!

The good thing about this Windows-based technology is that it is something which is built into most Windows program. So even if the administrator does not have previous experience with the ASP technology, learning it will be a breeze.

Choosing the Right ASP Web Hosting Provider Companies - When looking for an Active Server Pages - ASP web host, make sure that it is reliable and the costs are competitive.

The hardware being utilized should be reliable and utilize the latest that technology has to offer. Finally, the ASP web host should give you 100% flexibility and 24/7 customer support.

Find below the best ASP plans on the market, ranked by value for money, quality, and reliability.

Please feel confident that when you purchase a ASP web hosting from our recommendation, you and your machine will be well taken care of!
Top ASP Web Hosting Providers SOLUTIONS Top Solutions Awards AWARDS are:


HHost Gator ASP Web Hosting Site


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Rating: 9.9/10

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1st Place ASP Web hosting server
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  • The disadvantages/negatives/downside of Host Gator review/ complaints/ scam/ pricing/ problems/ issues is that they're still struggling to shake off the old image they had during the years 2004 to 2006, when their growth overwhelms their support staff and resources.

    Their service gets worse, but they continue to sign up new customers. Customers start to leave, the company gets a bad reputation. Internet is full of old hostgator complaints but nothing of recent years have seen or witnessed.

    Honestly, HostGator web hosting server uptime has been excellent and their Linux hosting support has always been responsive and top notch.

  • Overall, whether you are a web designer, or a small site owner, host gator offers a web hosting plan to fit your needs and we highly recommend you give the HostGator a go. HostGator Review is our No.1 rank and we highly recommend their service as you will definitely have room to grow your business.

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HHost Gator ASP Web Hosting Site

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